– The Growing Ad Network

During the first month of life our ad network has grown serving more than 10 million impressions.

This is thanks to our publisher and advertisers who made this possible.

What we offer  to Advertisers is that they can target specific websites to advertise on it , so that know where their ads are displayed. Advertisers can target countries they are interested to get visitors from.

Also advertisers can target their visitors by Operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS).

We offer for our advertisers an option that you can not find easly in any other network , it is “Frequency capping” For example you can contact us to optimize your ad so it does not show to the same person more than once per 5 minutes or once 24 hours , as you like.

Another option our advertisers have, is retargeting . For example if someone clicked on your ad, you can choose to retarget that visitor for a time of your choice, minutes , hours , days as you like, because some clients does not buy from the first visit.

Our advertisers have full control on our pltform as our platform really delivers value.

On the other side for the our Publishers we have partnered with 20 advertising companies who compete for your inventory.

We will help you optimize your website revenue and ruser experience with our ad solutions.
We have a wide range of campaigs CPM ,CPC and CPA.

With us publishers have not unsold impressions as we have 100% fill rate .

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