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AdsTour is a new CPC – CPA model based ad network where both advertisers and publishers can get the best value for their money or for their inventory. Being a CPC – CPA ad network relies mainly on performance, but adstour pays also for clicks .That means  that both advertisers and publishers a get the best results. adstour banner ads merge with your website’s layout and give best results without annoying your visitors.

Publishers with a website with some quality traffic can earn up to 1$ per click and 15$ for each conversion. Also there is no minimum traffic requirements, adstour have quick domain approval, real-time stats, and most importanly pays in time.

Advertisers can start their campaign for as low as 10$ only. Despite the low cost advertising, advertisers get quality traffic, easy and quick and easy campaign approval, many targeting options(paltform, system,mobile carrier, geo), and real time stats.

How to join and Account Approval.

The registration process is easy as there are no too much  requirements. So, whatever your publisher level is you  can apply to join this network. You just need to full up the form with a simple registration form and click submit, then you will receive a verification email with a link to verify your email address.Once you have clicked this link your account will be activated and you will be able to add your websites for monetization and create your publishing places.

You will get ad code instanlty and you can add that code instantly to your website. However your website will need to be approved in order for ads to show on your website before you can start earning from adstour ads.

The minimum payout on AdsTour is 50$.
AdsTour pays publishers via Bitcoin and  PayPal.

Adstour pays net-30

AdsTour offers a 10% referral commission for every advertiser or publisher you refer.

Adstour could be your Best Adsense Alternative 

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    You are welcome to do that.

    To monetize your website register here

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